Boy, 7, chases mother’s car 2km after she drives off without him



Chinese woman did not realise son left the car when she dropped her father-in-law at local train station

A seven-year-old boy in eastern China ran behind his mother’s car for two kilometres after she drove off without him, mainland media reports.

The woman surnamed Li from Zhuji, Zhejiang province, was not aware her son had got out of the car when she dropped her father-in-law at a local train station on Sunday morning, Zhejiang TV reported.

As Li drove away, her son Jia Jia, who was on the street, started chasing the car in the rain.

At one point, Jia Jia reached the car and pulled on the door, surveillance footage showed.


Other drivers who saw the boy blew their horns, but Li didn’t heed them.

She only realised her son was missing after a taxi overtook her car, and the driver asked her about the boy who had been running behind her, but she was then unable to find him.

She notified the police, and officers found her son on a street, his clothes drenched by rain.

Li sobbed at the police station when reunited with her son, the report said.
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