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Traffic Situation KL / Highways on Fourth Day Public Holidays

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KUALA LUMPUR, 4 May — As the long weekend due to the Labour Day and Wesak holidays is coming to an end, 1.5 million motorists are expected to throng the North-South expressway as Malaysians go back to their respective cities. The number is a 10 per cent increase from its off-peak daily figures.


12.21pm: LLMinfotrafik: A lorry is on fire on Km 42 WB heading up. Left and emergency lanes are blocked. Traffic is slow.

12.20pm: Plus Trafik: Left lane is closed on Km 18.6 south from Kota Damansara to Damansara but traffic is smooth.

Accident on Km 143.5 south bound from Bukit Gambir to Pagoh but no lanes are closed and traffic is under control.

 12pm: PLUS Trafik: Northern region roads are jammed from Bukit Merah to Taiping Utara, Changkat Jering to Kuala Kangsar, Menorah tunnel to Ipoh Utara and Ipoh Selatan to Gua Tempurung.

Southern region traffic is slow from Senawang to Seremban and Simpang Ampat to Pedas Linggi.

 11.57am: PLUS Trafik: Traffic has slowed down from Senawang to Seremban, Port Dickson to Seremban and Simpang Ampat to Pedas Linggi.

Traffic is getting busier along most main roads within KL city.

 11.39am: PLUS Trafik: An accident occurred on Km 133.5 south bound Sungai Dua to Juru. The middle lane is blocked but traffic is smooth.

As of 11am today, traffic continues to build up on roads from Perak heading to Kuala Lumpur especially from Bidor to Slim River.

Meanwhile according to @LLMinfotrafik, traffic is getting heavier towards the city centre however is still under control.

Earlier at 9.50am, the traffic in Perak began to congest before the Menora tunnel heading towards north Ipoh.

Traffic has also come to a crawl from Simpang Pulai to Gopeng and from Gopeng to Gua Tempurong said Plus Berhad via its Twitter account @plustrafik.

Motorists are advised to refer to PLUS’s Travel Time Advisory (TTA) to avoid major traffic congestions.

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