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Transformation: Malaysia Going Beyond Efficiency

By 17 Ogos 2015Tiada komen1 minit bacaan
By Syed Hisham Shah

PUTRAJAYA, 17 August – The country’s transformation is recognised by several international bodies, including the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the Institute of management Development, which have severally placed Malaysia high in their rankings for ease of doing business and competitiveness.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said efforts by PEMUDAH or the Special Task force to Facilitate Business have also been recognised by the government.

He said they have demonstrated exceptional service in expediting public-private sector initiatives that are integral to realising the nation’s Economic and Government Transformation Programs.

Speaking during the launching of of PEMUDAH Annual Report 2014 in Putrajaya this afternoon, Najib said PEMUDAH has formed the foundation of Malaysia’s economic growth.

“Despite some naysayers who wish to talk Malaysia down, this is the real story of our economy. Years of record investment, sound fundamentals, diversification, reform, sustainability and inclusivity. And these credible and influential reports highlighting Malaysia’s attractiveness as a preferred investment destination are testament to the private-public partnership, epitomized by PEMUDAH.”



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