[VIDEO] Woman Repeatedly Riding Motorbike Over 6-year-old girl


BEIJING: A Chinese woman was caught on film repeatedly riding a motorbike over a six-year-old girl, mainland media reported.

The video reportedly showed the woman, surnamed Chen, from Yangjiang, Guangdong province, repeatedly riding the vehicle over the girl, who is shown crying and screaming while lying on the ground, the news website Thepaper.cn reported.

The video was widely circulated online on Monday.

The child was later examined by doctors and found to have suffered internal bleeding.

 She was now in the care of her father, who is divorced from the girl’s mother, the report said.

Police said Chen was the live-in partner of the girl’s grandfather, and the woman been left to take care of the child, along with her own son and daughter, while the girl’s father and grandfather were out working.

Chen’s daughter is shown in the video apparently trying to pull the injured girl to safety.

The woman claimed in the article that she had not intended to harm the child and had “accidentally” ridden the motorcycle over her.

Chen told police she had lost control of the motorbike as she called to the girl to go home with her for lunch.

She said her two-year-old son, sitting on the front seat of the motorbike, started to cry, causing her to lose control and ride over the girl, the report said.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter, the report said. – South China Morning Post



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