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Ministries, Departments Must Be More Vigilant, Transparent

By 22 Mac 2016Tiada komen1 minit bacaan


KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 22 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has instructed ministries, government departments and agencies to exercise extra vigilance, transparency and accountability.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa said the Government was extremely concerned by reports that RM100mil might have been embezzled from the youth and sports ministry.

“The Prime Minister has instructed there be an investigation into this matter with immediate effect.

“Corruption is a scourge that we must eradicate in our country, and the government will not stand for it,” he said in a statement here Tuesday.

 Last Friday, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission arrested an officer of the ministry on suspicion of having been behind a syndicate responsible for misappropriation of government funds totalling RM107mil.


– Bernama

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