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Another Four Embrace Islam At Dr Zakir’s Lecture

By 17 April 2016Tiada komen2 minit bacaan

KUALA LUMPUR, April 17  — After the conversion to Islam of a Christian teenager by international preacher Dr Zakir Naik in Kemaman last Thursday, another four non-Muslims recited the syahadah (declaration of the Islamic faith) Saturday night.

One of them was 23-year-old Hurender Bal Singh, from India, who made the decision after he was satisfied with the explanation by the preacher about a non-Muslim converting to Islam for marriage.

Before reciting the syahadah, Hurender Bal Singh was asked repeated by Dr Zakir if he was forced or paid by anyone to do so.

“No, no one forcing me. I believed in Allah and that Prophet Muhammad is God’s messenger and I’m willing to be a Muslim,” said the Punjabi man during the question and answer session at the event before an audience who numbered more than 30,000 at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil here.

Right after Hurender Bal Singh recited the syahadah, a woman dressed in a black rope and scarf, without mentioning her name and where she was from, announced that she also wanted to convert to Islam.

Dr Zakir then asked her if she believed in Allah and Muhammad as His messenger, to which she said “‘yes” and then proceeded to recite the syahadah, while the crowd cheered in approval, some of them were overwhelmed with emotion and seen to be in tears.

After attending to a few questions from the crowd, another woman, named Michelle, announced that she wanted to recite the syahadah and was guided by Dr Zakir to do so.

A Sarawakian, Joel anak Along, 26, who is from Miri and had been studying Islam for a few years, also decided to be a Muslim after asking Dr Zakir about the power of syahadah.

Last Thursday, Wu Nina Grace, 19, converted to Islam at Dr Zakir’s final lecture in Terengganu which was held at Padang Astaka in Kemaman.

The Muslim preacher from India is on a nationwide tour of public engagements that have drawn thousands of people.

He is expected to be in Melaka Sunday to continue his lecture tour in Malaysia.


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