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PM: Older Generation Needs to Make Way for Young Ones

By 24 April 2015Tiada komen2 minit bacaan

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the younger generation needs to be given the space and independence to work towards achieving the goals set by the former leaders of the nation.

“Recently, my beloved daughter got married. As a parent, it was very difficult for me to let go of my child even though she is an adult now.

“Though with a heavy heart, when the time comes, I still had to leave my child to be independent and to face the world.

“Vision 2020 is a vision that has been set by former leaders for the benefit of the future generation. “In order to achieve these goals, the new generation must be given the space to continue these efforts,” Najib said in a radio broadcast on the need for the elderly to provide space for the young people to be independent which was uploaded on, on Friday.

Najib said any ups and downs and bitter sweet moments should be experienced by the new generation as they are more mature and resilient in spirit in facing the challenges.

He said the younger generation should always respect the views of the older generation since the elderly have a vast experience, but the older people should also consider the circumstances and challenges that have changed in the current times.

“Sometimes the older generation is not happy with the way young people today are, which are different from their time, any right or wrong decision made by the young people is up to each individual to judge.

“It is normal for the older generation to be protective towards the young ones. However, when the time comes to release the young ones to be independent, then, one needs to do so,” Najib added.


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