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Tolerance or Acceptance, But We Have Changed

By 29 Jun 2015Tiada komen2 minit bacaan
Editorial Malaysiaaktif

We often read writings that reminisce childhood days in Malaysia. Those were days mostly full of joy, treading pitfalls of learning and growing up. We went to school almost colour blind. Our best friends were not necessarily from our own race, but who cares?

We thumb our chest that we have been there and done that. We had grasped the true meaning of One Malaysia long before it became a pseudo-political branding.

When we have our school and class reunion, we try to catch up with long lost friends, but do we notice the difference? Yes, there are differences in outlook, awareness and sensivities, but for ‘old time sake’, we are more inclined to put them all aside and enjoy the moment.

The truth lingers. Most of us have changed. It is a fact. In a life’s journey of self-discovery we change, spiritually, morally, too, if you wish. These are differences that play a crucial role in the daily dimension of brinkmanship that we tread today.

Yes, we have mostly outlived our childhood ‘blindness’ to a more bizarre form of sensory affliction but we try to hold on to vestiges of years past. We have changed.

For the pacifist and practical, especially those from mixed marriages and plural family bonds, it is mostly about pretence and carrying on as if things have not changed, although they have. To many others beyond our circle, that’s tolerance but not acceptance. We defend it all hands and teeth if by destiny our spouses happens to be not one of our own. We accept and we want others to accept it, too, not just tolerate.

The fact is the change is real, but now it is all about adapting and carrying on, despite the change.


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