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Bukit Aman To Monitor Social Media Street Demo Calls

By 8 Ogos 2015Tiada komen2 minit bacaan


KUCHING, Aug 8  — The police will monitor the social media for calls urging the public to participate in street demonstrations.

Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department director Datuk Muhammad Fuad Abu Zarin stressed that permission must be obtained from the police prior to any demonstration.

He said police would also go after the organisers or leaders of illegal demonstrations.

“The organisers must talk to us and tell us of their plan. We want to ensure that they follow the rules.

“They cannot endanger the public or visitors or destroy public or private properties,” he told reporters after the Sarawak Brigade General Operation Force Aidilfitri gathering at Batu Kawa camp here Saturday.

Muhammad Fuad said during the recent illegal demonstration near the Sogo shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, traders in the area had to call for police assistance to safeguard their properties and business premises.

“If we are informed beforehand and permit is given for a demonstration, we can, for instance, advise the public and foreign visitors to stay away from the area.

“We can also take steps to ensure those taking part do not have in their possession any offensive weapons,” he said.

On the mass demonstration planned by Bersih 4.0 on Aug 29 in Kuala Lumpur, he said its leaders had yet to meet with the police for discussion.

On a lighter note, he said he was also in Kuching to cheer on the Police team which would be playing against Sarawak in the Super League Game tonight at the state sports stadium.

“Our team needs all the support in the five remaining games. Fortunately it has now passed the danger zone where it could face possible demotion,” said Muhammad Fuad who is also the police football association’s secretary.


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