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Celcom For More Affordable Packages For Malaysians

By 22 Mei 2015Tiada komen3 minit bacaan


KUALA LUMPUR, 22 MAY 2015 (Malaysiaaktif) – Celcom Axiata Berhad is heeding the call by Minister of Communications and Multimedia Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek for more affordable packages for all Malaysians to enjoy.

Backing the call from the Minister’s for telcos to offer reduced prices to consumers, Celcom today announced packages within the financial means of most people.

Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Sri Shazalli Ramly, Celcom Axiata Berhad said Celcom takes the best interests of its customers, by introducing several initiatives over the past one month.

The initiatives comprise affordably-priced plans for new and existing customers from diverse age groups, including students, both for entry-level and heavy users.

He said, one such package is Xpax, Celcom’s main prepaid brand for youth that has been enhanced for the New Internet of Xpax.

With the purchase of the prepaid packs, customers will have access to non-stop internet experience and can carry forward their unused internet on the New Internet of Xpax on Celcom’s Fastest Territory. The carry forward feature applies to all the new plans and Celcom is the first and only telco to introduce it in the country.

Sazali said, other advantages on the New Internet of Xpax include free high speed internet of 15 hours per month, access to internet plans from as low as 90sen per day with free Wi-Fi, for customers on the go at 4GLTE speeds.

Adding on to this, is the latest offering of Celcom’s basic internet plan which has been reduced from RM28 to only RM25, with a quota of 1GB monthly.

Celcom has also introduced the FIRST Basic 38 plan, where customers can enjoy FIRST by Celcom.

According to Sazali, an advantage of this new plan is that customers, especially those who manage SMEs and businesses, can choose to adopt the FIRST Basic 38 base plan as the FIRST Basic 38 for BUSINESS with additional features, and this will provide them an edge over other plans with its Internet offerings.

With the new FIRST Basic 38, customers can sign up for a monthly commitment plan of RM38 which offers 3GB Internet + 3GB Wi-Fi, with 50mins + 50SMS. The base plan can also be converted into the FIRST Basic 38 for BUSINESS with additional features, and owners of SMEs and businesses will have to just top up RM10 for 50 hours of calls within their office colleagues with Business Circle, or RM50 for unlimited calls and SMS within Celcom <with Business Unlimited>. The 3GB Internet and

Celcom’s 3GB Wi-Fi is available to customers to sign up for the FIRST Basic 38 plans now, and for a limited offer only. The FIRST Basic 38 base plan and the FIRST Basic 38 for BUSINESS plan, made their entry into the market on 23 April 2015.

Sazali said, Celcom supports the Government’s decision to apply the goods and services tax (GST) only upon usage of prepaid services. Furthermore, since the implementation of GST, Celcom has been giving an additional value which is higher than the 6% GST in the form of free minutes and text messages to its customers who reload RM5 and above.


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