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Media Statement on 1st Anniversary of MH17 Tragedy

By 12 Julai 2015Tiada komen1 minit bacaan

From Malaysia Airlines in Conjunction with One Year Anniversary of MH17 Tragedy

(Released at 12.05pm/ 11 July 2015)


17 July marks the one year anniversary of MH17

 Malaysia Airlines, together with the governments of Malaysia, Australia and Netherlands, are honouring those lost by offering our deep condolences to families and friends affected by this tragedy.

 In observance of the one year anniversary, the Government of Malaysia held a memorial event on 11 July 2015, at Kompleks Bunga Raya, KL International Airport, Sepang. The Government of Australia and the MH17 Aviation Disaster Foundation, with support from the Government of Netherlands, will also be having a remembrance ceremony on 17 July 2015, in Canberra and Nieuwegein respectively.

 Malaysia Airlines has made arrangements for family members to attend the memorial event at one of these countries by providing flight tickets, accommodation and transfers to the event venue.

 The airline would like to take this opportunity to thank the Government of Malaysia, Australia and Netherlands, our many international friends, our employees, our loyal customers, and the people of Malaysia who have provided tremendous and heartfelt support to Malaysia Airlines and the families of the passengers and crew during this difficult time.

 Today, we remember and honour those lost and keep their family and friends in our hearts.


MH17, 17 July 2014

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