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Reporters Should Get The News, Not Be The News?

By 3 Julai 2015Tiada komen1 minit bacaan


Whats the point of this ‘journalistic’ exercise, I wondered, after reading a report in today’s The Star, in which a female reporter was denied entry into the Defence Ministry (MINDEF) attired in a dress with hemline ending just above the knees.

The story almost immediately went viral on social media with the expected deluge of scathing comments that never fail to name a certain race and religion as the culprits.

From what I see, it is a simple situation and not even a problem that needs to be shouted about.

For crying out loud, the reporter should have known better. Her focus should have been about getting the news and adapting to the situation. But, no, she decided to make herself the news, instead. Great.

Reporters job is to bring in the news, and in so doing they must, invariably adapt to circumstances. Such is the norm among even experienced world-class journalists.

— From Lenggong Valley Facebook

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